About House Call Appointments

House call appointments bring chiropractic care to you within the comfort of your own home! Dr. Darnell will bring her portable table to your home or your office. She will need an area approximately 5 feet by 5 feet to work. You will receive the same care as if you were to walk in to a chiropractic office! During the initial visit, a detailed exam will be performed that includes taking your vitals, performing necessary orthopedic and neurological tests to assess range of motion, muscle tone and strength, and neurological integrity. You will be treated upon completion of the exam if you are a candidate for chiropractic care.

The initial exam appointment will take approximately 1 hour. Appointments following the initial appointment will take approximately 30 minutes.

Save Money, Save Time, Accomplish More

Traditional chiropractic care does not take advantage of manual therapy to aid in restoring proper functioning of the body. These providers spend between 5 to 15 minutes with a patient, some as low as 3-5 minutes per patient. With house call appointments, the chiropractor spends 30 minutes with the patient. This results in real time assessments in your environment with adjustments and therapies in one visit, thus reducing the need for large amounts of repeat visits. 

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